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Question 1)

- How does it work?


Question 2)

- How can I pay?

Answer: We accept payments by Credit Card, Paypal and Interac Transfer.


Question 3)

- Can I take a subscription for a single month?

Answer: Yes we have packages 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.


Question 4)

- Can I record?

Answer: Yes, but you must have a MAG 254 or MAG 256 box that you can buy on AMAZON or EBAY.


Question 5)

- Is it HD quality?

Answer: The video quality is good to very good. It needs an internet speed at 5 Mbps, but 10 Mbps is recommended.


Question 6)

- How to get TV sets?

Answer: You need an android box and download StbEmu for free. A video on our site helps you to configure the STB EMULATOR software


Question 7)

- Is this legal IPTV?

Answer: The IPTV is a bit like Youtube, the Iptv is only streaming on the content already on the internet. So any copy is created or duplicated, and no download is done. The download, however, is illegal. IPTV has been around for 10 years in the US and Europe.


Question 8)

- What is your refund policy?

Answer: There is no refund for IPTV services. Once the credit is activated it is possible to deactivate: No matter how many credits are activated.


Question 9)

- Does a package work on multiple TVs?

Answer: No, its an android box subscription. But we are making a special price for several subscriptions.


Question 10)

- What if help is needed?

Answer: You can write on chat online or write an email.


Question 11)

- Can I test for free?

Answer: Unfortunately, the minimum is 1 month.



Question 12)

- I have several televisions at home. Do you have special packages?

Answer: Yes, please contact us to have a package for multiple TVs.

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